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[accordions][accordion title=”Cementation & Grouting”]

 Continuous Mixer
 Cement Dosing
Mortar Injector


[accordion title=”Characterization”]



[accordion title=”Decommissioning”]

 Decontaminating water
 Latency Inspection
 CN Integration
 Data Networks
 Control Room


[accordion title=”Inspection”]

 Reactor Changers
 Drum’s Derinding
 Sampling System


[accordion title=”Cleaning”]

 Cleaning with glovebox
 Chamber Washer
 On line Washer


[accordion title=”Handling”]



[accordion title=”Processing”]

 Historic Waste
 Manual Segregation
 Sludge’s separation


[accordion title=”Volume reduction”]



[accordion title=”Transport ADR”]

 Packing ADR
 Vehicles ADR





The Radioactive Waste and Dismantling Division have been working over 30 years with all the Nuclear Power Plants of Spain, working on the Engineering, Manufacturing, Commissioning, Exploration and Maintenance of the equipments to the handling, manipulation and transport oflow- and intermediate-level Radioactive Waste (LILW).

It has developed a significant number of equipment that are being used today in all Spanish Nuclear Power Plants, in the Argentine Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA) and in the Official Spanish Agencies, like ENRESA (El Cabril, Córdoba). At present, there ongoing developments on equipment for foreign Nuclear Power Plants, as in the case of Kozloduy, Bulgaria.

All the equipment developed by NUSIM´S Division are manufactured on the basis of own technology. The proposed solutions have been developed to meet the most demanding requirements, giving reliability and robustness, which is highly valued within the Nuclear Sector.

The equipments developed by our Division cover all the Radioactive Waste management steps, from thegeneration of the radioactive waste to its disposal. It is the same thing with the dismantling process in the NPP (Nuclear Power Plant).