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Stabilization and Solidification Plant



Stabilization and Solidification Plant

NUSIM has a wide experience in the supply of radioactive waste treatment plants and know it has been transferred to the NORM waste treatment (Normally Occurring Radioactive Material).

This kind of plants includes the installation of the handling, treatment and disposal system for NORM waste. These natural materials reach a radioactivity level higher than the limits established by competent organisms so it shall be treated like radioactive waste. This waste material is generated during drilling operations at the oil and gas fields exploitation.

The plant, engineered, manufactured and supplied by NUSIM gets the waste in form of ashes or scale. This waste is treated during 3 steps. In the first step, the waste is stabilized by mixing with chemical products in order to avoid the future leaching. During the second step, the stabilized waste is mixed with cement and poured inside 220 litres metallic drums. In the last step, these drums are introduced inside square container and blocked with non contaminated mortar. After curing time, these blocks are sent to landfill for the disposal.

NUSIM works have included the engineering, documentation and manufacturing both of mechanical and electrical equipment. All the field supplies and engineering such as piping, instrumentation, trays, cables, etc. have been included. Additionally, NUSIM, S.A. has developed the operation and communication software and the SCADA system of the plant.

NUSIM can adapt it to the client requirements. In this way, the design and supply of this kind of plants can be accommodated to different parameters as the waste input characteristics, final package requirements, production rate, etc.
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