More than 40 years ago, a group of engineers passionate about design and technology came together to enter an expanding sector like the nuclear. Since then, we have specialized in the treatment of radioactive waste and nuclear dismantling, offering high-quality technological solutions to a wide range of sectors.

Our constant growth and evolution is due to the effort of our workers. Thanks to them, we have reached a high level of excellence in our projects, which has led us to become members of the Spanish Nuclear Forum. We work in collaboration with other professionals in the sector to improve the safety and efficiency of our solutions.


Our evolution has not yet finished, in 2019 a major leap in quality occurred and our company was acquired by NEPTU International, a company specialized in nuclear energy business and environmental protection, with more than 100 employees, and which achieved an operating income of 21 million euros in 2022.

As a result of this acquisition, we have improved the quality and efficiency of the nuclear industry in environmental protection in Europe, Africa, and South America, including the dismantling of European nuclear power plants. Moreover, it has allowed us to be part of the globalization of the entire industrial chain of the nuclear sector, providing high-quality technological solutions globally.


Currently, we have six departments working in coordination to provide the best service to our clients: Radiological Protection, Radioactive Waste, Theatres and Stage Machinery, Architectural Elements, Special Equipment, and Automation. Moreover, we have a maintenance team to ensure that everything is always in perfect condition.

Additionally, we develop and manufacture equipment with our own technology and adapted to the needs of each client, meeting the highest quality standards. Our commitment extends beyond the quality of our products, from customer service to environmental management and social responsibility.

NUSIM is formed by over 30 professionals from different profiles: Senior Engineers, Engineers, Technical Specialists, Masters, Bachelors and Administrative.

Within this team of professionals we can find people with more than 30 years of dedication to the sector and the company, which has made us live with our customers in all processes, adapting to the demanded requirements and meeting their expectations over all challenges.