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The Radioactive Waste Division, with over 30 years of experience in working with all the Nuclear Power Plants in Spain, carrying out the Engineering, Manufacturing, Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance of equipment for treatment, handling and transport of Radioactive Waste (with medium and low-level radioactive).

It has developed a significant number of equipment that are being used today in all the Spanish Nuclear Power Plants, in the Argentine Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA) and in the Official Spanish Agencies, like ENRESA (El Cabril, Córdoba). At present, there on going developments on equipment for foreign Nuclear Power Plants, as in the case of Kozloduy, Bulgaria.

All the equipment developed by the Division are manufactured on the basis of own technology. The proposed solutions have been developed to meet the most demanding requirements, giving reliability and robustness, which is highly valued within the Nuclear Sector.

Equipment catalogue features:

Handling equipment

– The Manipulation of drums:  NUSPIDER manipulating equipment of cylindrical drums of 110, 220 and 480 litre.

– The Handling of containers: NUSPIDER and NUSPREADER equipment for straight container handling of cylindrical drums of CMT of 350 litre, CMT of 2.000litre, CE2b of 4.000litre and CE2a of 8.000litre.

– The Special Manipulation: The equipment for special movement of standard bundles, no standard bundles, or for manipulation of the needed intermediate element for the work of stacked bundles.

Inspection Equipment

– X-Ray Inspection of drums up to 220 litre.

– The sample-taking systems
– Inspection equipment for exchangers of reactor´s stop

Characterization Equipment

– Radiological Characterization of Bundles: through spectrometry or measurement of dose rate, in accordance with the requirement of the regulatory.
– Capping system and dose rate measure of containers CMT: Specific system for the capping operations and dose rate measure of containers CMT.

Processing Equipment

– The Reprocessing Plant of the Historical Waste: a complete plant for the preconditioning and reprocessing of drum´s treatment with a capacity of 220litre, which contain radioactive wastes from evaporator concentrates, immobilized with Microcel.

– Stabilization and solidification plant for NORM waste: NORM waste treatment and blocking inside 220 liter drums and metallic containers.

Volume Reduction Equipment

– Microwave drying: Modular rack plant with concentrated drying by microwave and atmosphere under negative pressure.
– Pre-compacting equipment: medium pressure compaction.
– Compact filter equipment: HEPA(High pressure compact filter )with ventilation or drums.

Blocking Equipment

– Solidification equipment: by mixing, kneading and cement solidification.
– Mixing System in situ or using ready-mix
– Blockage by modular rack system or container ISO
– Continuous kneading machine with cleaning system

Cleaning and Decontamination Equipment

– Drum´s washing machine in the camera
– Drum´s washing machine in-line
– Drums washing in glove box

Transport Equipment TPC

– Vehicle TPC for land-transport of intermediate-low and very lowlevel radioactive waste (LILW & VLLW) on public roads.
– Packaging TPC for Land-transport of intermediate-low and very low-level radioactive waste (LILW & VLLW) on public roads.

Decommissioning Equipment

– Inspection system for elements in Central in the dormancy stage
– Handling equipment, transport equipment and equipment suitable for decommissioning task.
– Blockage by modular rack system or container ISO for decommissioning installations.
– Submerged manipulation system for the decommissioning in the reactor building
– Supervision system for the decommissioning. Process control room. Scadas
– Reduntant transmission networks for control data, image for camera and voice. Wire and integrated wireless system.
– Integration of decommissioning system with power plant´s existing equipment.
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