We traveled to the Czech Republic to visit ŽĎAS

12 June, 2023

We had the privilege to explore the impressive facilities of our valued partners in the Czech Republic: ŽĎAS, a leading metallurgy and machinery company. During our visit, we had the opportunity to delve into their main operational areas: forging, casting, machining, heat treatment, non-destructive testing (NDT) and mechanical equipment.

We visited to ŽĎAS A.S. - Czech Republic 

It is worth mentioning its exceptional ability to manufacture castings reaching up to 100 tons. These skills make us proud to confirm that ŽĎAS a.s. is our valued partner in the supply of the HDP 2000 radioactive waste supercompactor, which serves our customers in various parts of the world.

This supercompactor has demonstrated outstanding operational effectiveness, managing to reduce the volume of low and intermediate level waste (LLW and ILW) drums by up to 15 times, depending on the type of waste. This makes it a highly attractive product for construction projects and decommissioning tasks.

We would like to express our special thanks to Alexandr Nobilis and Stanislav Hrdina for allowing us to enjoy this enriching and valuable visit.


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