World’s First NORM Waste Stabilization and Solidification Plant

16 January, 2019

NUSIM has successfully completed the commissioning process of the NORM radioactive ash stabilization and solidification plant, an outstanding achievement in radioactive waste management. This plant is an integral part of the turnkey project executed by INTECSA Industrial, and includes the installation of a complete system for handling, treatment and blocking of NORM waste. These wastes, which exceed the limits established by competent bodies due to their radioactivity levels, require meticulous handling.

Takreer-Abu Dhabi

The NORM wastes addressed in our plant originate naturally during oil and gas extraction operations, particularly during drilling activities. Designed, manufactured and supplied by NUSIM, the plant operates in three fundamental steps. First, it stabilizes the waste by incorporating chemical compounds that prevent future leaching. In the second step, the stabilized waste is combined with cement and injected into 220-liter metal drums. Then, in the third step, these drums are placed in a parallelepiped container and sealed with clean (uncontaminated) mortar. Once set, the drums are destined for the landfill.

Commissioning includes the movement of materials and the first comprehensive tests of the plant, marking the start of the commissioning and delivery phase. In this way, NUSIM completes all stages of the project, from engineering to implementation, scheduled to be completed in the coming weeks.

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