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[accordions] [accordion title=”Cementation & Grouting” active=”yes”]

 Continuous Mixer
 Cement Dosing
Mortar Injector


[accordion title=”Characterization”]



[accordion title=”Decommissioning”]

 Decontaminating water
 Latency Inspection
 CN Integration
 Data Networks
 Control Room


[accordion title=”Inspection”]

 Reactor Changers
 Drum’s Derinding
 Sampling System


[accordion title=”Cleaning”]

 Cleaning with glovebox
 Chamber Washer
 On line Washer


[accordion title=”Handling”]



[accordion title=”Processing”]

 Historic Waste
 Manual Segregation
 Sludge’s Separation


[accordion title=”Volume reduction”]



[accordion title=”Transport ADR”]

 Packing ADR
 Vehicles ADR





Mortar Injector system of CE-2A

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