Equipment for special movements of standard packages, for movements of non-standard packages or for the handling of intermediate elements necessary for the stacking of packages.

NUSIM develops specific handling equipment for specific applications that may arise in the processing of radioactive waste.
As part of these elements we have equipment on the market for the following applications:
– Handling of super-compacted “cookie” drums with irregular dimensions and irregular shapes
– Elevators for supercompacted drums
– Grippers for transport and turning of cylindrical drums
– Capping tongs that also allow the capping of drums already placed inside drums of larger diameter
– Clamps for the opening and uncovering of safety elements for armored transport by road
– Grippers for handling of plates used for stabilization between layers of drum stacks
– Grippers for specimen handling (NUSFINGUER)
All these equipments can be manufactured with different optional features:
– Turning motorization
– Dimension change motorization
– Automatic dimension selection
– Package weight control.
– Overhead viewing camera.
– Radio frequency control.
– Battery power supply.
– Adaptation to work outdoors.
– Manufactured in stainless steel.
– Plug & play” supply, without installation.

All this equipment allows the handling of packages with the maximum levels of safety and redundancy required by the Regulator for the suspended handling of radioactive packages.

Among the main safety measures they integrate we can find:

– Impossibility of releasing the package while it is suspended.
– Impossibility of releasing the package if it is not correctly seated.
– Maintaining the suspended package with the highest levels of safety in the event of a tensioning failure
– Safety factor


Special handling


Rotating elevator


Foldable mobile tank loading system



Concentrate filling system


Super-compacted cookie elevator


Super-compact cookie pusher


NUSPICAP Overpacking


NUSPIDER for super-compacted cookies


NUSVAC Stabilizers



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Special overhead crane