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Equipments for the solidification of liquid radioactive waste, through mixing, kneading and, using cement as binder

NUSIM has developed since 1990 a continuous mortar mixer to the solidification of the radioactive waste liquid, powdered or granulated up to 6mm.

The design is basedon a battery of studies with continuous and conventional mortar mixer, supplemented by the criteria of specific design for the radioactive wasteequipments.

Generically, the redesign was conditioned with following priorities:

– Sealing
– Decontaminable
– Minimum maintenance
– Production capacity

Features of basic equipments:

– Dimensions: 2.500 x 250 ø mm
– Weight: 350 Kg
- Housing: AISI-316L
– Axle and blades: Anti wear SM-400
- Joint: Neopreno
– Maximum flow rate: 200 l/min
- Yaw rate: Nominal 280 r.p.m. Selectable 100 a 300 r.p.m.
– Cleaning system: Daily automatic cleaning. Manual for weekly cleaning
– Cleaning water: 20 litres for the operation
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The developed equipment is subject to modifications and improvements required by the customer, as its manufacturing is a make-to-order, being able to integrate specific requirements for each needed application.

As anillustrative example we can mention:

– Production capacity
– Building materials
– Self-control of relation liquid/solid
– Gravimetric control foradditional dead load
– Infrastructure to facilitate the maintenance and cleaning
– Accessoriesto facilitatethe cleaning
– Control ofmotorization´s electrical constants
– Integration of sampling
– Continuous register of the data in each work period
– Etc
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– The prototype developed in 1990 has been producing wet mortar, made of radioactive effluents, from 1992 to 2002
-The same prototype is producing wet mortar with radioactive ash, from a steelwork, since 2009
– Both applications have been in the facilities of the storage centre for LILW radioactive waste of El Cabril at Waste National Company (ENRESA) in Córdoba (Spain).


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Continuous Mixer Mortar

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Continuous Mixer

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Reengineering new use continuous mixer

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