Environmental Responsibility: NUSIM Joins the ‘Sustainable Suppliers’ Program

11 April, 2024
At NUSIM, our passion for innovation and positive commitment to the planet constantly drives us forward. We are extremely pleased to announce our participation in the “Sustainable Suppliers Training Program”, an initiative promoted by the UN Global Compact Spain, ICEX, and the ICO Foundation.
This participation not only reflects an advancement in our commitment to sustainability and sustainable development but also demonstrates our ongoing effort to benefit not just our customers and employees but the entire world.

Leading Sustainability in the Business Sector

The program “Sustainable Suppliers” represents a direct response to the growing business need to adopt sustainable practices. With the participation of more than 3,400 SMEs from over 50 countries, and having experienced a 71% growth in registrations since its launch, NUSIM is proud to be at the forefront of this global trend towards sustainability in our sector.


Over the next seven months, we will delve into intensive training through four modules focused on sustainability, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact. This learning, which will take place on an exclusive online platform available in Spanish, English, and Portuguese, is a unique opportunity for NUSIM to improve its environmental and social performance.

A Sustainable Future is Possible with NUSIM

The participation of NUSIM in the “Sustainable Suppliers” program not only reaffirms our commitment to responsible and sustainable business practices but also positions us as part of a global community of companies dedicated to improving the world. We are proud to collaborate with 37 major Spanish companies, all committed to the principles of the UN Global Compact Spain, moving together towards a greener future. We invite all our stakeholders to follow our journey towards sustainability on our social networks, where we will share the progress and learnings from this essential program. Join us with the hashtag #SustainableSuppliers and be part of the necessary change for our planet.


Because at NUSIM, we strongly believe in a sustainable future and are dedicated to making that vision a tangible reality for everyone.