42 Years of NUSIM’s Commitment to the Almaraz Nuclear Power Plant

1 February, 2024
  • Pioneers in Nuclear Technology: The Evolution of NUSIM in Almaraz

  • Responsibility and Renewal: The Social and Environmental Impact of NUSIM

This year marks the 42nd anniversary of the launch of the first unit at the Almaraz Nuclear Power Plant in Cáceres, a significant milestone highlighting the crucial contribution of the Almaraz Nuclear Power Plant (CNA) to the sustained development of NUSIM S.A.U. in the nuclear sector.

The Spanish Nuclear Society recognized this enduring collaboration in its November issue, presenting a corporate thank-you letter from NUSIM S.A.U. This gesture underlines the importance of CNA as NUSIM’s first client on its journey and celebrates the successful collaboration that has helped both entities grow and evolve.

Over the years, starting from the Modular Electric Plant (PEM) at CN Almaraz, NUSIM has been a key supplier of equipment and systems for radiological protection, including gantries, dosimeters, and a variety of specialized instrumentation. Delivered projects include the Radioactive Waste Locking Plant, cement storage and dosing systems, disappearing agitators for drum locking, drum cappers, and handling equipment for bulk items for critical areas of the plant.

Additionally, NUSIM has conducted specialized technical inspections, most uniquely reviewing the exclusion tank membranes for oxygen in the Auxiliary Building.

We are proud to share that all the supplied equipment and systems continue to operate to our client’s full satisfaction, some surpassing over 40 years of uninterrupted service without significant incidents.