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移动门 圣洛伦索剧院礼堂音乐厅,埃斯科里亚尔,马德里


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Architectural Elements

The Design, Manufacture, Assembly and Commissioning of special architectural Elements such as retractable walls, acoustic or firebreak curtains.

The Elements above are complemented with the no standard ones as suspended wall, screen and rosette of special lighting. NUSIM, S.A. has a broad experience in the design and the executions of the solutions to the arising problems in the project phase and, the execution for unique works.

All the projects begin with Basic engineering and develop based on the client needs and architectural easements. Thus, the delivered equipment is entirely adapted and integrated according to the building´s functionality and esthetics.

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The NUSIM, S.A. Maintenance Service offers all its clients preventive maintenance for the supplied equipments, as well as the guarantee of the supply of spare parts or alternatives that makes the equipments last in the time and work as the first day.