27 mayo, 2021

8 handling equipment for Ondraf-Niras

NUSIM completes factory and load testing of 8 handling equipment for IPM (installation for the production of monoliths). Among the equipment stands out a NUSPIDER equipment for handling drums with a load capacity of up to 3,000 kg, 5 equipment for handling concrete containers with a load capacity of 20,000 kg and an shielding bell handling equipment with a load capacity of 40,000 kg. During the tests, load tests have been carried out to certify the equipment. In these load tests, up to 50,000 kg have been applied in 2 points of the handling equipment.

This project has been in progress since 2018. From the beginning, NUSIM has developed all the engineering, development and manufacture of said equipment with high safety requirements due to the criticism of this equipment in the handling of radioactive containers.

As a novelty, the container handling equipment includes a mechanical interlock to avoid the package to be released while hanging as well as a manual release system to be able to uncouple the equipment from the package from the crane point, in case of power blackout. On the other hand, the NUSPIDER drum handling equipment, in addition includes a system that allows the tightening for handling drums without closing ring/flange