17 April, 2014

Nusim installs a 220 liters waste drums pre-compactor in Zorita Nuclear Power Plant

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On September 1st 2012. NUSIM, S.A. installs a pre-compactor for the 220 liters radwaste drums generated in the Zorita NPP decommissioning.
The National Company, ENRESA, has relied on Nusim S.A. for supplying a 220 liters radwaste drums pre-compactor.

The equipment integrates the control panel and the extraction and filtration system, so just need to be connected to the grid circuit to use it.

The compactor has a motorized cart for extracting the drums and a capping system, for positioning the cap on drum after filling.

A new hydraulic control system has been integrated in this equipment in order to eliminate the vibrations which usually are generated in compactors during compaction sequence. The system ensures that the process is carried out without sudden movement or shock, which eliminates the need to install concret slabst. Compactors become in equipments easy to install and easy to relocate.