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The Theatre-Auditorium San Lorenzo in El Escorial
The Conference Centre in Huesca
 The National Theatre Kursaal in Melilla
 Manzana de Revellin in Ceuta
 Auditorium of Burgos


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 Forklifts Platform Building Forum
Scene Platforms of La Maestranza Theatre
 Scissor Platforms in the Crypt of Cambrils
Proscenium platform in La Maestranza Theatre


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Viva Madrid


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Scenography “Viva Madrid”
Canal Theatre, Madrid
Technical Director: José Luís Tamayo

Performed by the Orchestra and Chorus of the Community of Madrid, The play is an anthology that includes 16 pieces of the most traditional and popular zarzuelas with the participation of over 120 artists.

Nusim, SA carried out the design and manufacture of the mechanisms that animate the scenography of this work. One of the main scenographic features is a motorized carra-which can be seen in the image-with traction and external and hidden guidance. The equipment makes a tour with change of direction and sense from a side of the chácena to the proscenium/ stage house?.

The carra scene is composed by a welded multitube structure covered with decorative wood. The movement is made on 8 triple self aligning trains allowing the reversal of movement without secondary displacement. The carra makes a mixed route, alternating straight and curved sections. The equipment movement can be made with variable speed either manually or automatically to the preset positions from the control console.

The control console integrates advancing, reverse and stop controls of the carra. It also has a switch to select the preset stop where carra stop may be required. The configuration panel is on the same switch, where programming of the positions or ramp´s start and stop are made among the others. Thanks to the linear potentiometer, the speed of the carra can be regulated in real time.

In addition it integrates other element´s movement control on the same scenery. Three independent hot air balloons move at varying rates along three bars of the theatre.

The operation of all the drive system is carried out with a tractor placed on the shoulder of the stage. This engine, which has a drive pinion with overfill protection in the chain, which is mounted on a base plate with the tensioning system of the chain.

On the motor shaft encoder is installed which allows to have precise positioning of the carra at every instant.