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→ The Theatre-Auditorium San Lorenzo in El Escorial
The Conference Centre in Huesca
 The National Theatre Kursaal in Melilla
 Manzana de Revellin in Ceuta
 Auditorium of Burgos


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 Forklifts Platform Building Forum
Scene Platforms of La Maestranza Theatre
 Scissor Platforms in the Crypt of Cambrils
Proscenium platform in La Maestranza Theatre


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 Viva Madrid


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Acoustic Shell of theTheatre-Auditorium San Lorenzo in El Escorial, Madrid
Architects: Rubén Picado and María José De Blas

With a surface area of 164 m2 in the longer and walnut wood finish, along with its excellent acoustic properties, the Acoustic Shell of theTheatre-Auditorium San Lorenzo in El Escorialis shown as a dignified work of the place where it is framed.
The camera can be configured in two sizes according to the arrangement of its five towers, three ceilings and forum. The equipment can be stored in reduced space due to the tongue and groove connection between the towers.

The camera can be installed in a very short time, positioning the towers and unfold its wings, achieving an enclosure that projects the sound toward the stall with an optimal acoustic response.

The functional lighting is made with four lines of spotlights, while the ambient lighting ceiling is made off our square meters panels of specific design and LED lighting, which allows performing configurable and programmable color effects from the Theatre´s spectacular lighting console. The panels cover the entire spectrum of colors and can be configured independently.

For both big and small version of Acoustic Shells, there is a modular stands system. Both telescopic and scissor modules are available in 2x1m y de 2,44×1,22m.
With these platforms stand can achieve from 20 cm to 2 meters height.

The features are hardwood floor finish, with risers similar to the hall, integrating painted safety railings, which are made to order. The handrails and platforms colors can be supplied according to the customer´s needs.

It has a modulated decorative floor in boards of 2×1 meter. The walnut is made of veneer, at client´s request, with particularly resistant varnish for the floor. It is easily assembled and disassembled due to its tongue and groove system. It is only necessary to set the perimeter of the floor. Furthermore it is stored in a small space, being able to move easily due to the storage carts supplied with the ground.