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The Theatre-Auditorium San Lorenzo in El Escorial
The Conference Centre in Huesca
 The National Theatre Kursaal in Melilla
 Manzana de Revellin in Ceuta
 Auditorium of Burgos


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 Forklifts Platform Building Forum
Scene Platforms of La Maestranza Theatre
Scissor Platforms in the Crypt of Cambrils
Proscenium platform in La Maestranza Theatre


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 Viva Madrid


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Platform configuration
Cripta de l’Ermita de la Mare de Déu del Camí, Cambrils
Architect: Ignasi Cristiá

The Cripta is located below the ‘Sanctuary of the Mare de Deu del Cami. This religious building was built in the eighteenth century and along with The Defense Tower is one of the most emblematic buildings in the city. The room is used as a Acoustic Shell hall and rehearsal of the Coral Verge del Cami.

The scenario, below the stalls, has three independent platforms of approximately 14 square meters. These can be positioned at 0.7 meters height from the floor.
The removable skirts system allows great versatility in terms of the different configurations of platform´s height.

Moreover, its special guiding system allows only one platform lift, and not requiring the guiding at the platform perimeter.