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The Theatre-Auditorium San Lorenzo in El Escorial
The Conference Centre in Huesca
 The National Theatre Kursaal in Melilla
Manzana de Revellin in Ceuta
 Auditorium of Burgos


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 Forklifts Platform Building Forum
Scene Platforms of La Maestranza Theatre
 Scissor Platforms in the Crypt of Cambrils
Proscenium platform in La Maestranza Theatre


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 Viva Madrid


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Architect: Alvaro Siza Vieira

The Acoustic Shell is presented as a continuation of the walls and ceiling of the stalls.

This modular camera consists of hanged pieces of different punctual and omnis motorizations. The walls are panels that hang vertically of the punctual engines. The two ceilings are folded manually. They are placed horizontally for installation position and vertically for the storage, so that they interfere with the least possible number of motorized bars.

The finish is made of HDF composite board and fiber core in honeycomb panel. The material and curvature of the walls and ceiling surface optimize the acoustic performance with a considerable overall weight reduction.