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The Theatre-Auditorium San Lorenzo in El Escorial
The Conference Centre in Huesca
 The National Theatre Kursaal in Melilla
 Manzana de Revellin in Ceuta
 Auditorium of Burgos


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 Forklifts Platform Building Forum
Scene Platforms of La Maestranza Theatre
 Scissor Platforms in the Crypt of Cambrils
Proscenium platform in La Maestranza Theatre


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 Viva Madrid


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NUSIM, S.A. is active in the stage machinery and unique projects since 1995. Since then the company has actively participated in several highly significant national projects. The products covered by the Theatre Division include: Acoustic Shell, Under-stage Machinery, Scenography, Architectural Elements, Special Equipment and Maintenance Service.

Having as outstanding Acoustic Shell designed, manufactured and supplied by NUSIM: The Royal Theatre of Madrid, The Great Theatre of the Barcelona Lyceum, The Kursaal Theatre in San Sebastián, The Theatre-Auditorium San Lorenzo in El Escorial and The Auditorium of Burgos.

Based on the Scenography carried out, it is worth mentioning the House of Bernarda Alba (Focus), Sea and Sky (DagollDagom) or the Viva Madrid (Orchestra and Choir of the Madrid Community).

As produced Under-stage Machinery, it should be highlighted the Stage Platforms and the Proscenium of la Maestranza Theatre, the platforms for the Orchestra of Puerto of the Arcimboldi Theatre in Milan and the platforms of the National Theatre in Cataluña.

The maintenance department currently performs these tasks in the platforms of the National Theatre of Cataluña, and in la Maestranza Theatre of Sevilla.



→ Acoustic Shell

→ Scenography



→ Stage Machynery

→ Maintenance



The Design, Manufacture, Assembly and Commissioning of the Acoustic Shell. NUSIM, S.A. covers the integral solution for the Acoustic Shell, from its basic engineering to adapt to the architectural easements for its storage and use, to the detailed engineering approved by the client for its subsequence production.

The walls of Acoustic Shells can be of towers, of hanging or fixed walls. The solution through towers can be with folding and fixed leaves, manually or motorized movable, tongue and groove joint to minimize the volume when not in use, stackable against the stage background, with integrated galleries, with lighting records, etc.The solution through hanging walls can be fix, modular or dismountable depending on the storage requirements and the release that thegrid requires. The Acoustic Shell´s ceiling can be modular or removable, with integrated or external displacement system and, it could be stored in the same stage house or on the proscenium.

The finish of the Acoustic Shell, at the request of the client, is being most commonly used the MDF, plywood or composite materials panel. The finish could be flat or curved, improving significantly the chamber acoustics. Finished in colour or stained and varnished natural veneer.

Combinations of features are innumerable, making each Acoustic Shell different from others, for which NUSIM, S.A. would examine on a case by case basis the best solution meeting the client needs.

Other Acoustic Shell made by NUSIM, S.A. are: The Victoria Eugenia Theatre (San Sebastián), the Villamarta Theatre (Jerez de la Frontera), the Euskalduna Theatre (Bilbao), the Tenerife Auditorium, the La Rioja Auditorium and the Cartagena Conference Centre.
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The Design, Manufacture, Assembly and Commissioning for all type of special scenography. This work area encompass scenography with high-added value due to technical complexity. Thus, it is treated turnkey projects, in which the equipment supply includes the training, the assistance and the technical advice during the first commissioning.
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The Design, Manufacture, Assembly and Commissioning for the platform of the scene and setting. According to the characteristics of the platform´s implementation area, the first step is to define its end use, as well as the different design constrains, like the effective travel, speed, pit height to house the mechanisms, etc. NUSIM, S.A. has qualified personnel to carry out the platform installation work using different drive types: screws (trapezoidal and recirculating ball), hydraulic chain, trimmers/scissors or Spiralift.

The platforms made by NUSIM, S.A., besides the ones shown, are: the platform La Cripta of Cambrils, the platform Montacargas of the Forum Building, the Platform of Orchestra of the Port of Santa Cruz, the hydraulic Platform of the María Guerrero theatre and the platform of Orchestra of the Villamarta Theatre in Jerez.
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NUSIM, S.A. offers all its clients of preventive maintenance on supplied equipment, as well as the guarantee of the supply on spare parts or alternatives that makes the equipment last in the time and work as the first day.
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