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[accordion title=”RADIATION DOSIMETERS” active=”yes”]
→ Passive Dosimeter DIS
→ TLD RE 2000 A Reader
→  Radiation Dosimeter RAD 60
→  Dosimeter TLD

[accordion title=”ALPHA SPECTROMETRY“]

→  Silicon detector
→  Alpha Spectroscopy
→  Alfa Spectroscopy Software


[accordion title=”GAMMA-RAY SPECTROMETRY“]

→ DigiBase
→  NIM Modular Electronics
→  Germanium Detectors HPGe
→  Multichannel analyzers


→  CPO Tools Monitor
Tool Monitor RTM610
Laundry Scanner RTM750
→  COMO portable contamination monitor
→  Microcont II portable contamination monitor



The Hand-Foot Monitor RTM110
Gamma Portal FastTrack Fibre
→ Portal RTM860TS
→ Portal RTM870PRE
→ Portal TwoStep Exit


[accordion title=”RADIATION METERS“]

→  Radiation Meter RDS-31
→  Survey Meter RDS 200
→  Portable radiation survey meter SCINTO
→  Radiation Meter GRAETZ X5C Plus


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– Universal, low cost and high precision TLD-reader for automatic or manual processing of dosimeter cards, single chips or rods.

– Evaluation of whole body, extremity, beta, gamma, x-ray and neutron doses in single or mixed fields.

– Hole code or bar code identification of the dosimeter card.

– High measurement reproducibility with standard industrial N2 heating.

– Fully programmable pre-heat, measurement and anneal cycles.

– Automatic element-sensitivity correction and background subtraction.

– Pre- and post-calibration capability

TLD RE 2000
A Reader

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