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→  Radiation Meter RDS-31
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→ Portable radiation survey meter SCINTO
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The illegal trade with radioactive material requires increased security measures at the borders , international airports and all security áreas in order to detect radioactive sources in a reliably way and protect people for danger.

For this kind of security checks it is evident to become a quick result. With its NaI- scintillation detector, the SCINTO belongs to the fatstest and most sensitive dose rate meters, being 500 – 1000 times as sensitive as a conventional Geiger-Muller counter tube.

This makes it possible to use the SCINTO for reliable measurement and radiation detection in a range starting from natural background level.

Fields of application

– To check people or transports, vehicles or goods for the presence of radioactivity, e.g. for customs check or general security purposes
– To locate and segregate very precisely radioactive material or radioactive sources in a truckload or a railcar after an alarm was generated by a stationary system
– To check non-identified baggage, e.g. before opening
– For checking in the recycling field

Portable radiation
survey meter SCINTO

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