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[accordion title=”RADIATION DOSIMETERS“]
→ Passive Dosimeter DIS
→  TLD RE 2000 A Reader
→  Radiation Dosimeter RAD 60
→  Dosimeter TLD

[accordion title=”ALPHA SPECTROMETRY“]

→  Silicon detector
→  Alpha Spectroscopy
→  Alfa Spectroscopy Software


[accordion title=”GAMMA-RAY SPECTROMETRY” active=”yes”]

→ DigiBase
→ NIM Modular Electronics
→  Germanium Detectors HPGe
→  Multichannel analyzers


→  CPO Tools Monitor
Tool Monitor RTM610
Laundry Scanner RTM750
→  COMO portable contamination monitor
→  Microcont II portable contamination monitor



The Hand-Foot Monitor RTM110
Gamma Portal FastTrack Fibre
→ Portal RTM860TS
→ Portal RTM870PRE
→ Portal TwoStep Exit


[accordion title=”RADIATION METERS“]

→  Radiation Meter RDS-31
→  Survey Meter RDS 200
→  Portable radiation survey meter SCINTO
→  Radiation Meter GRAETZ X5C Plus


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ORTEC was a pioneer in the early development of the modular nuclear electronics. In particular, we were leaders in the development of NIM instruments since the inception of NIM standard in the 1960s. Today, there can be scarcely a single physics research laboratory in the world which is not a user of ORTEC NIM instrumentation. The modular concept and the availability of a broad range of functions within the modules themselves enable virtually unlimited configurations of nuclear measurement systems to be implemented.

The ORTEC range of modular electronics includes instruments in the NIM and CAMAC formats as well as other modular instruments such as photomultiplier bases, preamplifiers and other accessory instruments.

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Bases para PMT
y Preamplificadores

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