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[accordion title=”RADIATION DOSIMETERS“]
→ Passive Dosimeter DIS
→  TLD RE 2000 A Reader
→  Radiation Dosimeter RAD 60
→  Dosimeter TLD

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→  Silicon detector
→  Alpha Spectroscopy
→  Alfa Spectroscopy Software


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→ DigiBase
→  NIM Modular Electronics
→  Germanium Detectors HPGe
→  Multichannel analyzers

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→  CPO Tools Monitor
Tool Monitor RTM610
→ Laundry Scanner RTM750
→  COMO portable contamination monitor
→  Microcont II portable contamination monitor



The Hand-Foot Monitor RTM110
Gamma Portal FastTrack Fibre
→ Portal RTM860TS
→ Portal RTM870PRE
→ Portal TwoStep Exit


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→  Radiation Meter RDS-31
→  Survey Meter RDS 200
→  Portable radiation survey meter SCINTO
→  Radiation Meter GRAETZ X5C Plus


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The laundry scanner RADOS RTM750 is used in nuclear facilities to detect and measure the possible residual contamination in clothing.

The laundry scanner RADOS RTM750 provides high speed througput and high monitoring reliability coupled with exceptionally low level detection capability. Two detector arrays, one on top and one below the conveyor belt, guarantee a high detection efficiency with no dead zones. For very small changes in radiation levels, i.e. in the count rate, the scanner uses fast change algorithms based on a Poisson distribution.

The RTM750 is suitable for various applications made possible by the option of having different detector types installed.

Laundry Scanner

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