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 Continuous Mixer
 Cement Dosing
Mortar Injector


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 Decontaminating water
 Latency Inspection
 CN Integration
 Data Networks
 Control Room


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 Reactor Changers
 Drum’s Derinding
 Sampling System



 Cleaning with glovebox
 Chamber Washer
 On line Washer


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 Historic Waste
 Manual Segregation
 Sludge’s Phase Separation


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 Packing ADR
 Vehicles ADR



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Packing for transport of medium-,low-level LILW and very low level VLLW radioactive waste by public roads.

NUSIM has an extensive experience in the development and manufacturing of vehicles for ground transportation of medium, low and very low activity radioactive waste by road.The vehicles are developed according to the highest regulatory requirements for safety, reliability and security for transportation by public roads. The vehicles developed by NUSIM meet the several requirements imposed by the Regulatory Authority to allow the transportation of waste medium and low activity by public roads. These requirements affect the design, calculation, materials and manufacturing methods and are designed to achieve the highest levels of safety reliability and security for road transportation.

Shielding equipmentis subjected to several tests and trials before its approval and commissioning.Among the tests we can find free fall tests from up to two meters, water tightness testing by immersion to 15 meters depth, or fire resistance testing at 800 degrees for 30 minutes.

Shielding have been developed with safety lock system with multiple latches to prevent the manual opening and require a special tool that acts as the master key.



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→ Packing TPC CE-2a

→ Neutron packing TPC



→ Packing TPC RMA

→ Packing TPC RMA



Packing for
neutron sources

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Overpacking of
220 l.drum

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