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Rack modular plant of concentrates drying by microwave atmosphere under negative pressure.

The concentrates drying plant developed by NUSIM uses four microwaves emitters as heating source. This system is presented as an alternative for conventional drying systems based on external heat input through resistances.

This new system allows drying sludge and concentrates with consistent performance,independent of the solid phase progress. With this system we can directly heat the product which all ows working at low temperatures and even on drums shielded with concrete.

The microwave system has the following advantages over traditional resistance heating systems:
– High working efficiency.
– Low power consumption.
– Steady efficiency.
– Evaporation at low temperature.
– Minimum drum heating.
– Ability to work with shielded drums.
– Compact microwave transmitters, removable for easy maintenance.
– Continuous condensate drainage maintaining the working under pressureand the evaporation process.
– Optional filling with depression or with external drive.
– Condenser with gas cleaning.
– Double droplet elimination system.
– Locking Valve to avoid accidental dragging of concentrates to the system
– Supply “plug & play” without installation.



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Rack trying
by microwaves

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