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Historic Waste Processing Plant
At present there are stored radioactive waste that are not admissible under the current packages acceptance criteria. These wastes may come from well-known processes that were implemented before the development of the current regulations or may have been generated in ancient processes with insufficient information of the same.

The reprocessing of this type of waste requires the preconditioning of the waste in an initial phase, by opening the packages, inspection, emptying and a first homogenization. Subsequently, reprocessing and blocking of waste must be performed in accordance with the current packages acceptance criteria.

The Microcel Project
NUSIM,S.A. has developed for Nuclear Power Plant a complete preconditioning and reprocessing plant to treat 220 liters drums, which contain radioactive waste from extracts of the evaporator, immobilized with Microcel and which are arranged in the ATR (“Almacén Temporal de Residuos”: Radioactive Waste Temporary Depository) of the Plant.

Microcel is the denomination of a disintegrated solid of diatomaceous dust which is characterized by its absorption capacity due to its high specific surface. This waste treatment was stopped in the year 1982. In order to transfer this waste to ENRESA (Radioactive Waste National Organization), it is necessary its reconditioning. The process is based on the kneading of the waste to remove the absorbed water to, later, use it to immobilize with cement and pour it into CMT (“Contenedor Metálico de Transporte”: Transport Metal Container) containers..

Reprocessing process description
The developed system is prepared to maintain the confinement level of the packages from its present storage location. Both handling and confinement system consider waste content and container :drums of 220 and the internal waste.

Thus, both handling equipment(grippers NUSPIDER) and transport truck sare designed to handle 220 liter drums of RR (radioactive waste) within 480 liters drums, which exert additional confinement of packages of 220.
Inside of the 480 l drums it is protected with a bag, which simply supported round on the upper edge of the drum. The Bag facilitate the cleaning of 480 l drums before its reuse in case of spilling some contents of 220 l drums carried inside.
The packages are loaded on light trucks, designed for the application with entire bund and fairings.

Once loaded the carriage of 480 l drums, it is covered with the help of the same gripper NUSPIDER that has handled drums and it is moved to the Used Material Storage Building (EAMU).

In EAMU it is implanted the “Waste Reprocessing Plant”, with the necessary equipment to perform the inspection, emptying, preconditioned and reprocessed by violent agitation and complete the contents of each drum with Microcel, followed by immobilization by setting, after cement addition. There sulting mortar from the waste mixture, the Microceland concrete are poured in to a CMT type container and once set, it returns to ATR waiting for the expedition to LILW(Low and Intermediate Level Waste) Centralized Warehouse, The Cabril.

The developed process leverage the liquid contained in the matrix of Microcelfor cement mixing. In this way, it can be optimized reducing reprocessed waste volume.

The reprocessing plant
The waste reprocessing plant is modulated for easy transportation, installation and commissioning and is composed of the following systems:

– The confined chamber
– The reprocessing plant
– The remote control station
– The clamps/ grips for drums and containers handling
– The CMT capping and dose rate measurement system
– The cement transport system
- The cement storage silo
– The CCTV display system

The confined chamber is an equipment made of steel profiles, stainless steel fairing and carbon steel, that keeps the chamber under negative pressure and, hassy stems and appareill age srequired to perform the following tasks:

– The confinement maintenance during entry and exit of 480 l. drums, 220 l. container
– Manual mode glove box uncapping 480 l. drum
– Manual mode gloves box removal drum of 220, 480 l.
– Manual mode glove box uncapping 220 l. drum
– 220 l. drum handling for content released by gravity
– 220 l. drum handling for content emptying by reaming
– Accumulation of required RR for CMT filling with reprocessed RR
– RR historical waste premixer
– Manual mode glove box drum cleaning of 220
– Return of 220 l. drum, the cap and the ring of 480 l. drum
– Manual mode glove boxcappingdrums of 480

High RPM mixer

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Kneading tests

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imulated Waste
transport tests

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Simulated Waste
dumping tests

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