NUSPIDER equipment for the handling of cylindrical drums of 110, 220 and 480 liters.

NUSIM has a wide experience in the design and manufacture of cylindrical drums manipulators of any capacity.
The most common drums for blocking radioactive waste are 110, 220 and 480 liters.
The dimensions of each of these drums allow their storage inside the one immediately above in case it is necessary due to radiological requirements.

The equipment developed by NUSIM allows the small drum to be inserted into the large drum and then transported to a new location without the need to change the tooling.
The drum handling equipment is called NUSPIDER and its code is completed with the references of the optional features required for the application in question.

Among the available options are:

– Continuous or pulsating rotation motorization
– Motorization of bulk diameter change
– Automatic selection of the working diameter
– Transport and screwing of the drum lid
– Package weight control
– Overhead viewing camera
– Radio frequency control
– Battery power supply
– Adaptation to work outdoors
– Stainless steel construction
– Crane bridge hook rotation locking system
– Plug & play supply, no installation required


NUSPIDER equipment allows the handling of packages with the maximum levels of safety and redundancy required by the regulator for the suspended handling of radioactive packages.
Among the main safety measures they integrate we can find:
– Impossibility of releasing the package while it is suspended.
– Impossibility of releasing the package if it is not correctly seated.
– Passive gripping system, whereby no power supply is needed to pick up a package.
– Maintaining the suspended package with the highest levels of safety in the event of power failure
– Redundant manual systems that allow the package to be released in the event of a malfunction
– Safety factor
In addition to their safety and reliability, NUSPIDER equipment is characterized by its extreme compactness, which makes it possible to handle the packages with a minimum loss of height during the
of height in the useful crane travel. In this way it is possible to make the best use of the storage height of the site.

Drum handlingón-de-bidones.pdf


Remote control of Nuspider on ATRS


Numerically controlled NUSPIDER grippersÉRICO.pdf


Handling Device


Telemanipulation and Scada






Autonomous drum capper NUSPIDERÓNOMA-TAPADORA-BIDONES-135L.pdf


Stand-alone remote-controlled NUSPIDER clampÓNOMA-TELEMANDADA.pdf





135L drum capper


220L drum capper



Non-motorized turning clamp


Motorization of the turning clampÓN-PINZA-VOLTEADORA.pdf