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Medium and high pressure compaction equipments for packaging of ventilation filters or drums.

NUSIM has extensive experience in the development and manufacturing of equipments and systems for volume reduction of compactable items.All processes and equipments have been developed according to needs raised by clients and always respecting the highest standards of the Regulatory Authority in terms of safety, reliability and security of the final matrix.

Compaction equipment developed by NUSIM meets the rigorous demands operational safety and ALARA criteria. Thus compactors have been developed with compaction chambers with controlled confinement and ventilation, both during the compaction process and during the introduction of the package. To ensure this, the equipments pass rigorous controls during design, calculation and manufacturing. Before being accepted, quality control arecarried out on the compacted matrix, on the tightness (confinement measures) and ventilation.

NUSIM has equipments in operation that cover a wide range of needs, they can be customized with a full range of options:

– Equipped with inlet and outlet airlock.
– Dynamic confinement during introduction of package.
– Ventilation sweeping at the compaction chamber during the process.
– Compaction in disposable container and capping the container before its removal of the compaction chamber.
– Motorized removal of the compacted package.
– Manufacturing with special materials.
– Wide range of compaction forces.
– Chambers of compaction with full motorized opening to prevent blocking of the package.
– Filtering systems integrated.
– Autonomous ventilation or connection to the general ventilation system of the plant.
– Supply “plug & play”, no installation.

Among the specific equipments manufactured by NUSIM, we could mention the compactor NUSPACTOR-CMF-100 that allows to compact HEPA filters up to 650X650X400 mm directly inside their cardboard packaging and the plastic bags of BIBO system. The equipment can leave the filter in a final height less than 30 mm. This equipment works with dynamic confinement and directly inside a disposable container made of thin metal sheet.

The container that can store up to 20 compacted filters, is covered before its extraction of the equipment, for which the whole process is carried out with confinement.



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HEPA filters

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