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Acoustic shell of the Teatro Auditorio de San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Madrid
Architects: Rubén Picado y María José De Blas

The entrance hall of the Teatro de El Escorial is an open space with granite and glass walls which has magnificent views and a large terrace. The enclosure can become into a open space to the exterior by the complete disappearance of a glass curtain wall.

The equipment consists of a glass wall of 15 meters long and 4 meters high with motorized guillotine movement, which is hidden in the ground without leaving any sores and, crossing two frameworks.

The glass retracts in just 3 minutes, is controlled by a computer that monitors the deformations and allowable stresses generated by the wind. The system is monitored from a touch screen that reflects the equipment´s position and its various control parameters.

In the case of excessive wind, the system protects the computer until the wind descends to acceptable value for the safe operation of the same.
With retractable glass, it enjoys a wide surface that opens to the outside, given actually both use as a summer terrace and exhibition hall.

The gap which closed the glass is totally diaphanous after its opening, without any pillars or mechanisms, allowing its polyvalent use of the large useful surface generated.

All equipment´s mechanisms are housed in a technical pit beneath the slab, outside public areas. The mechanism is composed of engine, transmission and a set of irreversible trapezoidal screw jacks, guaranteeing the movement´s repeatability and safety.

The glass wall, once folded, is completely retracted in a pit about 1.5 meters wide by 15 meters long.