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→ Gate at The Theater in Escorial
→  Retractable Glass of the Teatro Auditorio del Escorial
→  Ceilings for the hall of the Auditorio del Escorial
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Shiftable Gate
Auditorium Theatre San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Madrid
Architect: Rubén Picado y María José De Blas

With this equipment it is allowed to open, in a few minute, a path of 11 meters width by 3 meters height in the wall of one of the shoulders of the stage house, so that the towers of chamber concerts can go to the stage from the storage cubicle.

Moreover, in closed position, it also integrates 2 techniques galleries and acoustically insulates the scenario of tower´s warehouse thanks to the sealing performed on the wall.

The gate automatically opens by moving it along the guides anchored to the upper slab of which is hanging. The movement occurs due to the entrainment generated by a pair of trapezoidal spindles driven by a geared motor. uctor.