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→  Gate at The Theater in Escorial
→  Retractable Glass of the Teatro Auditorio del Escorial
→ Ceilings for the hall of the Auditorio del Escorial
→  Lamp motorisation


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Acoustic shells of the Teatro Auditorio de San Lorenzo in El Escorial, Madrid
Architects: Rubén Picado y María José De Blas

The hall is a continuation of the acoustic shell in the parterre. On the front module of the ceiling that can swing up, five ceiling´s modules for acoustic shell are stored.

The hall is covered in light fixtures LED which like the camera they can be configured independently and cover the entire spectrum of colors.

The side walls are made with rotating louver and valve that allow opening any part of the wall. In this way one can work in the galleries that are behind the walls on both side of the seats.