Successful Implementation of X-Ray Inspection Equipment in South Africa

1 December, 2023

NUSIM, a leading provider of turnkey projects in the radioactive waste field, has successfully commissioned its advanced X-ray inspection system for radioactive waste drums at the NECSA facility in South Africa. This state-of-the-art technology is specifically designed to inspect the contents of radioactive waste drums, aiming to identify unwanted elements and determine the type of post-processing required for its safe handling, processing, and storage.

The X-ray inspection system features a barcode reader that records each drum and associates it with the images captured during the inspection. Additionally, the system records comments and conclusions from the inspection. Based on the inspection results, the equipment automatically redirects each drum to various treatment lines for safe and efficient processing of its contents.

In the inspection position, the system includes a lifting and rotation feature, providing a 360-degree visualization of the drum contents without interference from the roller conveyor. The image capture feature also allows for real-time visualization of the contents, providing the operator with a much clearer and more precise view of the inside of the drum, even detecting potential movement of liquids contained within. This ensures greater safety in the handling of radioactive waste.

With this technological breakthrough, NUSIM strengthens its position in the radioactive waste field and demonstrates its commitment to innovation and safety in the nuclear sector. This achievement helps to ensure the safe and efficient handling of these hazardous materials.

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