NUSVAC: Remote Sheet Telemanipulation System at the Ascó Nuclear Power Plant

12 December, 2022

Our NUSVAC equipment has been successfully installed at the Ascó Nuclear Power Plant. This system uses the latest technology in sheet handling to guarantee the highest standards of safety and efficiency in material handling. Thanks to our innovative motorised suction cup adjustment system, we can handle sheets of different sizes with complete confidence.

In addition, NUSVAC integrates seamlessly with our existing NUSPIDER drum handling equipment, allowing us to handle both waste drums and plates to stabilise storage levels with the same overhead crane. All our equipment is made of stainless steel to guarantee its durability and resistance.

And best of all, our equipment can be operated both remotely and locally, with connection for external keypad to facilitate commissioning and maintenance operations. At NUSIM we are committed to innovation and safety and our equipment is proof of this.
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