Advances of NUSIM in Nuclear Handling Equipment: A Key Project for Ondraf-Niras

1 March, 2024
  • Innovation in Nuclear Waste Handling: NUSIM Equipment at the Forefront
  • Safety and Precision: NUSIM’s Commitment to the Highest Standards

NUSIM has reached a significant milestone by successfully completing factory and load tests for 8 handling equipments destined for the Installation for the Production of Monoliths (IPM). This innovative project demonstrates NUSIM’s ability to meet complex and rigorous demands in the field of radiological protection and nuclear waste handling, reinforcing its role as a key partner in the sector.

Completion of Key Tests in NUSIM Handling Equipment

The project includes a prominent NUSPIDER equipment for handling drums with a loading capacity of up to 3,000 kg, five equipments for handling concrete containers of up to 20,000 kg, and an advanced equipment for handling shields with an impressive loading capacity of 40,000 kg. During the Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT), load tests were conducted to certify the equipments, applying up to 50,000 kg on just 2 of the 4 handling equipment’s grip points, thus meeting the strict single failure criteria specified.

Innovation and Safety in the Monolith Production Project

This turnkey project, initiated in 2018, has seen the development of high precision and redundancy safety motorized gripping equipments and systems. These equipments are compatible with the strict requirements specified by Ondraf-Niras and with the containers designed by the Belgian waste manager. Specifications include single failure requirements for the suspension of radioactive bundles in safety zones and mechanical safety locking systems that prevent the release of suspended loads, in addition to the integration of systems for remote manual actions for the release of radioactive bundles in severe contingencies.

Highlighted Features of NUSIM Equipments

The container handling equipments are distinguished by their mechanical interlock, which prevents the accidental release of the bundle in the air, and a manual release system that allows the equipment to be uncoupled from the bundle from the overhead crane in case of power failure. The NUSPIDER equipment, specifically designed for the handling of drums, includes an innovative system that facilitates the tightening of the drums, allowing the safe handling of drums without a ring or closing flange and drum models with a top edge of only a few millimeters.


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NUSIM S.A.U. takes pride in contributing to the evolution and safety of the nuclear sector, demonstrating its commitment to innovation, safety, and excellence in every project.